Free Website Audit

Do you currently have a website in need of a check up?

The majority of business owners are simply too busy running their business day-to-day to free time up to assess the performance of their website and online marketing initiatives. Often small changes can significantly improve a website. WebNetwork offer a free website audit service, where one of our specialists will assess your website on a number of important criteria. You'll be given a professional report giving you insight into your websites strengths, and where opportunities for improvement exist. The report also contains a straightforward action plan that follows the 80:20 rule, meaning the 20% of effort that will give you 80% of the desired results.

What does a website audit involve?

One of our specialists will assess your website on:

  1. Loading Speed, if any of your web pages takes longer than 8 seconds to
    load up on dial up, statistics show you're losing business
  2. Action Flow, this is how well your website catches visitors attention and directs people to a take
    a desired action, whether it is to make an enquiry, make a purchase, or visit your
  3. Visual Impact, is it professional, memorable and enhancing your customers
    perception of your business.
  4. Search Engine Ranking for important key terms your target audience
    are using when searching for your particular goods or service. If your not number one
    for relevant key terms in Google, than you’re missing an abundant source
    of leads that your competitors are benefiting from.

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